On Mondays We Become Unicorns

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A fun styled shoot oozing with glitter, color and a little bad assery.


Snaps & Confetti: The Confetti Bar // Model: Twenty Something Plus // Photo shoot Styling: Alonda Baird-Juhasz

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Girl show ’em what your working with!

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Pink Couch Lounge: Superior Sips

The days are getting warmer, the blooms are getting brighter and that means one thing: Time to up your cocktail game!

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Pink Couch Sessions_First Avenue Vodka_0024

Here at the Pink Couch Lounge we partnered with First Avenue Vodka to mix up three superior sips.

Pink Couch Sessions_First Avenue Vodka_0005

For the sun drenched sipper: Cucumber Lime Fizz

One part chilled First Avenue Original Vodka

One part seltzer

Muddle in fresh cucumber, lime and mint


Pink Couch Sessions_First Avenue Vodka_0009

For the sweeter palette: Kumquat Dreamsicle

One part chilled First Avenue Whipped Vodka

One part seltzer

Squeeze a few kumquats

Garnish with grapefruit peel for a tart finish


Pink Couch Sessions_First Avenue Vodka_0017

For the floral enthusiast: Elderberry Lemonade

One part chilled First Avenue Elderberry Vodka

One part seltzer

Squeeze in fresh lemon and sprinkle with dried lavender.

Pink Couch Sessions_First Avenue Vodka_0014

Want the blooming rim? Dip the rim of your glass in agave nectar then roll in dried Calendula and Lavender.

Pink Couch Sessions_First Avenue Vodka_0027

Mixology & Styling: Alonda Baird-Juhasz // Photography & Confetti: The Confetti Bar // Model: Twenty Something Plus // Garnishes: Small Kitchen Big Taste // Vodka: First Avenue Vodka

-Drink Responsibly- 

The Story Within: Kristen

The Story Within: A visual expression of the roots that provide the foundation of your story.

Storytelling session presented by Alonda Baird-Juhasz // Alison Margo 

Kristen’s Story

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

Kristen sits at her table in the late morning sun. She points out mementos of her family that have been so beautifully incorporated into her decor. We stop on the floral teacup. A single remaining cup and saucer that was passed down from a much larger collection. There is also a small vintage jar filled with brightly colored discs. Gram’s bingo chips.

Grandparents and grandchildren, together they create a chain of love linking the past, with the future. The chain may lengthen, but it will never part. ~ Author Unknown

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

Angeline Baron, better known as Gram, a matriarch, social butterfly, avid bingo player and a cabinet full of sweets for her grandchildren. “Gram was Italian and her husband was Polish so she was always saying things in one language or another but it was mostly slang or curse words that we were never told the true meaning of them. She had a good sense of humor. She loved to tell stories from the past and would tell them to anyone who would listen. When we would visit she would always sit in a chair in the corner of the room so she could see everyone.”

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

“She was a true grandmother…She taught me how to knit and play cards, she would always have gum in her pocketbook, and she would sneak us money when our parents weren’t looking.”

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

“Every Saturday we would go over after church for dinner and we would sit around her  table and fill her living room – all my aunts and uncles and cousins. We would do puzzles, play games, eat dessert, and talk. This was our routine for years and years and even now when we go visit my parents with my kids I think, we should go see Gram, forgetting that she’s not there.”

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

“Gram was extremely giving in all ways – she took care of her mother and her husband when they were sick, she volunteered for years at the Senior Center in town, she loved to have company over and make coffee and share baked goods she made. She would watch all the grandkids whenever she was asked and then she watched our pets when we started getting them.”

Gram’s photos sit in the living room and in a family tree gallery that Kristen’s husband constructed with great care sprawling up their stairwell. Kristen shows us the families as she sits at the top of the gallery.

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

“She never minded ever helping anyone and was never put upon by it, and I would like to take that from her. That it’s never a burden to help people or give them something that might make them happy, no matter how small.”

The Story Within - designerdwellingsllc.com

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